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This game is intended for people interested in playing D&D but who have little or no experience with either this edition and/or rollplaying games in general. As such it will be set up to be learner friendly starting simple with more complex rules introduced over time.

I’m looking for 4-6 new players, and I’m hoping to find 1-2 experienced players to serve as mentors, and a apprentice DM

In order to keep things simple I’m restricting book access to the core books, shown below,

As the game advances elements from other books may be introduced, but that is unlikely.
If you don’t have the books [Players need only the Players Handbook] you can try to use the System reference Document [SRD] instead. Hyperlinked SRD

If you wish to try the game for the first time take a look at Playing the Game

I would like to see a character concept before character creation.

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game information

So you want to play Dungeons and Dragons? Vikarr